Our history

MY SWEETY SHOP is a concept store located in Léon , a pretty village by the ocean, on the Landes coast.

Ready to wear for women, shoes, jewelry, children's universe, decoration or even stationery... My Sweety Shop offers a beautiful selection of pieces for your dressing room , to decorate your home or to please those around you!

My Sweety Shop collaborates with pretty brands and designers, and is keen to find and highlight fashionable, trendy and sparkling products for young and old!

Vivi my sweety Shop

"Have always been passionate about fashion , and after spending almost 20 years as a saleswoman in pretty boutiques, the entrepreneurial spirit has never really left me...

In 2017, I decided to create My Sweety Shop , starting my business in the coastal markets.

Then everything happened very quickly. I had the opportunity to have a small premises, in my village in Léon. In 2019, I am embarking on a new adventure by opening my own store . I am thus realizing my dream: having my own store!

Demand quickly grew, our customer base grew and became loyal. The store is therefore moving to larger premises.

Bab (my darling) joins me in this crazy adventure and then Coco (my sister) comes to bring her experience, her advice and her kindness to our customers.

It is therefore hand in hand, as a family , that everyone brings their skills and their know-how, in order to satisfy you and for you to have a good time in our pretty boutique.

Vivi et Coco de la boutique My Sweety Shop

What fascinates me above all is to select, for you, with a lot of care, attention and love, pretty pieces and trendy models , which will enhance you , according to your body shape , and highlight put forward your style and your desires .

I also pay a lot of attention to your requests and needs. This is why you will find a wide range of jewelry , decoration and a large area dedicated to children in the store.

Today the adventure continues and this beautiful, long-awaited Eshop is born.

My Sweety Shop is a beautiful story, a dream that continues to come true every day...Thanks to you, the Sweeties...
Thank you from the heart